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Information on Makeups and Weather Cancellations

Makeup Policy

Make up lessons are approved for:

1. Illness or an unforeseen circumstance and Horizon Tennis has been given at 2 hours notice 

2. Weather Conditions (rain, heat, lightning storms etc.), where less than half of the lesson has been completed.

Make ups are only available to be booked up to 14 days in advance.

Make up lessons must be completed within the same term.

We only offer credit in the case of cancelled one-day events, i.e team challenge days. 

We do not offer cancellations or refunds.

Weather related cancellations

Rain Policy and Makeups


If it is raining or looks like it is going to rain, An official decision is made:


• 30mins prior to all Group Classes, Private Lessons and Fixtures.


Whilst every step is taken to arrive at the correct decision, please remember Horizon Tennis has no control over the weather. In the event of a lesson being washed out, please book in for a make up lesson with Horizon Tennis.


We will be sending SMS communication to the primary contact. Replies are not received to text message alerts, alternatively you call or text 0491707565 for a reply.


Please do not make assumptions about the weather; an unexplained absence will forfeit the opportunity for a make up lesson if the session goes ahead. We require 2 hours notice via phone (0491707565) or email to advise that you or your child will be unable to attend the booked lesson. Insufficient notice for an absence will forfeit the opportunity for a make up lesson.

How to Book a Makeup

First we encourage you to become familiar with the classes and schedule that is currently running at your location. To view the current term's schedule:

Visit horizontennis.net then navigate to your lesson’s location. (i.e. Our Lady of the Rosary)

Click on the “Term 1 registration” icon to view full availability at your location.

When you have found a class you’d like your child to attend for the makeup please complete the “Makeup Request Form” on the website under, Contact Us, Washout/Makeup Request. This form is sent to our admin team to review and book your child in for the class. Occasionally, the requested class may be fully booked, and in that case we will suggest an alternative, but in all cases we make every effort to accommodate the day that works best for your family. 

Makeup Request Form

To book in a makeup class, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Reason for Makeup Request
Select Class Type