Junior League Standings 11/11/19

Where can you follow along on team scores for Junior Leagues? Well, you have found the place!

We are very excited to announce weekly updates! We are 4 weeks in to our Junior Leagues, with 2 weeks remaining.

You can follow along for team standings here, scoring is as follows: 2 pts for the winning teams and 1 pt for the runner up teams (weekly).  

Red ball: 

Fed: 4 pts 

Barty: 4 pts 

Djokovic: 5 pts 

Millman: 4 pts 

Orange (pool a): 

Fed: 6 pts 

Nadal: 4 pts 

Djokovic: 5 pts

Barty: 3 pts 

Orange (pool b):

Fed: 5 pts 

Nadal: 3 pts 

Barty: 4 pts 

Sharapova: 6 pts 

Green/yellow ball: 

Fed: 3 pts 

Nadal: 4 pts 

Djokovic: 4 pts 

Murray: 5 pts 

Go Teams!!!!

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