Players in this group are competing in orange ball and green ball tournaments/events and a displaying a strong desire to improve. Players have developed sound motor patterns and can have experience playing all game situations (serve, return, baseline, net). This group is invitation only and requires a minimum 2 day per week commitment.


These players have developed a desire to compete or are already competing on a state and national level. Players develop habits that prepare them to compete at a high level. Players develop advanced technical ability, movements patterns and are able to implement and adjust their strategic approach to matches.


Players 13+ that want to compete at a state. national and international level. These players a dedicated to mastering their craft and will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. When you reach this level tennis has become a science. We will analyze your sleep patterns, enhance your nutrition, custom build your mental and physical training programs and encapsulate it in an annual training program. Your results and growth as a player will be predictable when using Horizon Tennis' proven systems.

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