Online registration

When a new customer registers for classes with Horizon Tennis, they have access to our customer portal. The customer portal is an app you can use when its convenient for you. 

Through the customer portal, you can: 

- Book make-ups
- Register for classes
- View invoices and make payments
- Add/edit personal information securely

Steps to register for the customer portal: 

1. After you have enrolled in your first class with us you will receive an email invitation to register for the customer portal. If you have not yet registered or misplaced the email in your inbox (we do it all the time ;) you can simply request a new registration link from us. 

2. Once registered, you'll log in to the portal. Your log in screen looks like this: 











2a. If you are having log in troubles, just give us a call and we can certainly talk to through how to reset your password or send you a new registration link. 

3. When you have logged in, on the left-hand menu, you can click classes and then select “Add enrolment” to register for a class. 

4. It will ask you which enrolment type you would like to view, in most cases this is clear, (i.e junior classes, junior enrol). However, if you do have any questions about the enrolment type you should select to find the class you need please don’t hesitate to ask!

5. Next, click the icon labelled “student” in the top right hand corner, for an adult this may be yourself, or for a parent who’s child is in a junior program, the student is the child. If you have more than one child who takes classes, simply change the student to add classes for that child.

6. At this stage, you may want to “add a filter” to see only the classes which are relevant to you. For example, you may add “venue” as a filter. This would show you the classes only being held at that location. 

7. Now that you can view the classes that you want, you can select the class you choose to enrol into. Click the “add to cart” icon to enrol. 



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