Various doubles matches in a fun, active, friendly environment. Great way to get a workout in whilst still being able to socialise and have a good time. Suitable for any age/level, as we match up players accordingly to their specific standard of play. We consistently have a solid mixed group of standards ranging from raw beginners to advanced players, weekly. 

Adult Game Fit

Game Fit is for players that want to tone areas of their game, burn those calories and have a laugh with your mates while playing a lot of points. The session involves coach fed, situational doubles point play where we continually rotate players. Game fit is a fan favourite here at Horizon Tennis. We like to keep everybody moving and engaged in the points we play. We don't stop play to coach during games but are always happy to help with technique and strategy during the breaks. Players here would have some tennis experience, can serve comfortably, and are advanced beginners and above.


If you want help with technique in this class, just ask and we will assist you.


Develop your technique and put it to the pressure test in point play situations. Adult group coaching focuses on improving the technical, strategical and physical areas of your game. We have 3 different levels - beginner, intermediate and advanced, usually players are segregated into smaller groups based on level in class.

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