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Horizon Tennis is a fun, positive environment where young players develop a real passion for the game as they progress along a player development pathway that has proven to provide players with valuable learning experiences and accelerate their learning.

Dan Mascall, the owner and head coach of Horizon Tennis is a player development expert who has traveled around the world mastering his craft. Dan has had the privilege of coaching thousands of developmental and high performance players over his 10 year coaching career.

"My goal is to approach teaching tennis in a way that provides players with valuable lessons that will benefit them both on and off the court. Few players will go on to compete on the tour but it is my hope that all of them go on to become better citizens and excel where they choose to focus their attention as a result of our training." - Dan Mascall

2011 - 2017 Dan coached and directed programs at The Princeton Tennis Program and Advantage Tennis Club in New Jersey, USA. During this time he developed high performance players many who went on to secure tennis scholarships at American universities.

Dan Mascall

Owner/Head Coach